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Hotel Introduction
Type:Room – for Two - 1 Online Reservation
Type:Room – for Two - 2 Online Reservation
Type:Room – for Two - 3 Online Reservation
Type:Room – for Two - 4 Online Reservation
Type:Room – for Two - 5 Online Reservation
(Now Oct-May Price Available)
Room Type Sun~Fri from
Oct 15 to May 31
Sat from
Oct 15 to May 31
Mon~Thu from
June 1~Oct 15
Fri & Sat from
June 1~Oct 15
and holidays
Chinese New Year &
Spring Scream Music Festival
Room – for Two - 3 NTD $ 1400 NTD $ 2000 NTD $ 2000 NTD $ 2280 NTD $ 2500
Room – for Two - 2 NTD $ 1600 NTD $ 2280 NTD $ 2280 NTD $ 2580 NTD $ 2800
Room – for Two - 4 NTD $ 1600 NTD $ 2280 NTD $ 2280 NTD $ 2580 NTD $ 2800
Room – for Two - 1 NTD $ 1800 NTD $ 2580 NTD $ 2580 NTD $ 2880 NTD $ 3200
Room – for Two - 5 NTD $ 2500 NTD $ 3280 NTD $ 3280 NTD $ 3580 NTD $ 4000
Breakfast is served from 8:30 – 10:30 am.
For pets, please inquire.

◎The price is for reference only and is subject to change.
◎Original price applies to Chinese New Year vacation and Spring Scream music festival.
Online Reservation
Duration: days
Member: Adult: / Kid:

Afei Surf Hostel is hereafter referred to as the Hostel
1. Once the reservation is confirmed by the Hostel via email or telephone, half of the rent must be wired as deposit within 3 days (including the day of the confirmation) to the account provided by the Hostel, and notify the Hostel so via email or text message.

"2. Arrival within 3 days of making the reservation, the deposit must be wired before 10:00 pm the next day (the day after making the reservation); if arriving on the same day, arrangements may be made accordingly. In Taiwan (wire transfer through ATM, the last 5 digits of the account used for the wire transfer should be provided; wire transfer through post office, name of the originator should be provided.) Outside Taiwan (Email a copy of the wire transfer receipt for confirmation, and provide the hard copy upon check-in.) *National holidays and weekends count towards the 3-day requirement for the wire transfer, the bank used by the Hostel can receive wire transfers at all times. **Failure to notify the Hostel of reservation confirmation post wire transfer is considered non-payment, and the Hostel cannot be held liable for the cancellation of the reservation or for renting the room to a third party. (Please refer to our Cancellation Policy.)**"

3. Failure to make the deposit wire transfer within 3 days will lead to cancellation of the reservation without prior notice.

4. In the event of consecutive holidays, reservation priority goes to those staying for a minimum of 2 nights, the more nights the higher priority.

5. Check-in at 3 pm, check-out at 11 am (extra charges will apply for late check-out).

6. Please take good care of all facilities and electrical appliances inside the room, charges will apply to those damaged.

7. Any changes (of dates, room, number of guests) to the reservation must be made 7 days prior to arriving.

Should major changes to the number of guests staying be made after the reservation is confirmed, and cause the Hostel to suffer financial loss, we reserve the right to cancel the said reservation and keep the room for other appropriate number of guests staying.

8. Breakfast is always provided, and is served from 8:30 – 10:30 am.


Cancellation Policy

1. 10% cancellation fee applies to all refunds for reservations cancelled 10 days (not including the day of arrival) prior to arriving.

2. 20% cancellation fee applies to all reservations cancelled 7 days (not including the day of arrival) prior to arriving.

3. 50% cancellation fee applies to all reservations cancelled 4 days (not including the day of arrival) prior to arriving.

4. No refunds for reservations cancelled 3 days (not including the day of arrival) prior to arriving, and no change of dates are accepted.

5. Cancellation for reservations of three rooms or more must be made at least 14 days prior to arrival, fees apply to late cancellations as according to Policy 1.

6. Should Typhoon Sea Warning or Land Warning be issued (according to the Central Weather Bureau) or an earthquake struck on the day of arrival, preventing you from arriving or disrupting your flight or boat schedule, you are entitled to a full refund.

7. Change to the date due to personal reasons may be made once, no refunds on the second change.

**In case of natural disaster warning, you may change the date “once” (the new reservation must be made within two months).

**Only “typhoon and disaster” are considered force majeure, other reasons for not making the trip is considered personal. Please read the “Cancellation Policy” prior to making the reservation, and notify your friends accordingly to prevent unnecessary disputes.

Pick-up / Drop-off Service

Kaohsiung Train Station – 350NTD/Person

Kaohsiung High Speed Rail Station – 400NTD/Person

Kaohsiung International Airport – 400NTD/Person

Pick-up/drop-off at any Kaohsiung hotels – 400NTD/Person

*The above rates are subject to change for special or consecutive holidays, please refer to our reception for confirmation.

08-8896640 or 0970-133501


Breakfast is made fresh daily, and served from 8:30 – 10:30 am.

(Please notify our staff in advance for vegetarian meals.)

Other Service

Guided Tour in Kenting

Guided Tour in Kenting in Chartered Vehicles
1-3 persons – 3,000 NTD (approx. 600 RMB)
4 persons – 3,500 NTD (approx. 700 RMB)
5 persons above – 800 NTD per person (approx. 160 RMB)
The smallest vehicle fits 4, the largest fits 8 (T4, T5), the charge applies to a standard 8-hour day service, with over-time 500 NTD/hour (approx. 100 RMB).
Included in the price: car service (gas, parking, toll), free photo, free WiFi, passenger legal liability insurance, and insurance, with a maximum coverage of 3 million NTD per person.
Not included in the price: Tickets to scenic spots, boat fare, accommodation, meals, and other personal expenses. Tip as you wish. No shopping stops arranged throughout the tour.
Chauffeur included when renting our car.
"The tour can be tailored to individual requirements: Guided Tour in Chartered Vehicles.
The itinerary can be altered according to individual preferences and the weather. We also have secret spots such as natural pool at the sunset and no man’s beach!"

For detailed information, please call us at 08-8896640 or 0970-133501

Staying Guest – Surf Board Rental Special

Surf board rental for staying guests: 400 NTD.

Depending on the board material.