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Advanced Surfing Course
This surf course is for experienced surfers who want to take advanced classes.
The course is surfing with surf instructors in the morning, practice in the afternoon. The course provides surfboards, free clothes. Moreover, we'll take photos of your surfing for you.
*This course is only available for the resident of A-Fei surfing hotel. more...
On Sale !! Limited Time Offer!
From now on, the Jiale Water Museum and the North African Pavilion will be available for "off-season prices." For more information, please contact Kenting A Fei Surf Inn: 08-8896640 or 0910-133501.
Mahi-mahi winter special
Our mahi-mahi comes from Houbi Harbor in Pingtung. “Mahi-mahi can be found in Taiwan from February to well after summer. During the summer, the mahi-mahi is extra meaty. Like Bluefin tuna, the mahi-mahi is migratory fish, and is usually found along the eastern coast of Taiwan. Therefore, in addition to the eastern coastal cities, you have to travel to the northeast coast or all the way down south to Hengchun peninsula just for mahi-mahi,” says Chef Pan. Inexpensive and ever so tender, the mahi-mahi is good even for grilling and sautéing. Chef Pan has prepared for us mahi-mahi two-ways, including mahi-mahi sashimi, which is not as greasy as the Bluefin tuna but chewy and tender, smooth to the taste. Besides mahi-mahi, I also tasted Yellowfin tuna. Chef Pan also said, locals at Hengchun likes to cook the head and meat of mahi-mahi with dried turnip as soup, precisely the kind of soup I had this time. The broth is a perfect blend of sweet and savory, but the meat is somewhat dry, which is probably because all the fishy essence is already in the broth.
2-day surfing lesson
Season Special at Afei Clothing Store: Hand-dyed S
Afei Surf Kitchen: Live Band Performance